Your Acura's engine air filter does for your engine what a dust mask does for your lungs. It keeps unwanted dust, dirt, sand & grit from damaging internal engine components. Acura engineers have struck a balance in designing a filter that allows enough air to enter the engines intake system, while at the same time, capturing ultra fine harmful particulates for peak performance. All of the filters that we sell and install in your vehicle are designed by the folks at Acura, and specifically for your vehicle. They will fit perfectly and function perfectly every time.

DIRTY ENGINE AIR FILTER                                         CLEAN ENGINE AIR FILTER
Trust the same excellent components that have given you the mileage & performance you have come to enjoy in your Acura by installing these again at the necessary intervals. Engine air filters are replaced when a "2" appears on your Acura's "Maintenance Minder" system, or when inspected during other routine maintenance which has discovered excessive dirt from extreme driving conditions.

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