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Drew Sciaulino
President/General Manager

The Precision Acura of Princeton family and I appreciate you letting us into your electronic home. We are an award winning dealer whose philosophy since day one has been "Exceeding our client's expectations for life." Please find our online home helpful. If we can't fulfill your expectations on line please email, or call us and we will. Thank you.

Allan Sebar
Service Director/Vice President
(609) 895-0600 ext 318

Thank you for visiting We are one of the highest rated Dealers in Customer Service nationwide and have won the coveted Acura Precision Team Award 20 times. Customer service is our Top Priority here. You can always expect to be treated with respect. In our Service Department you will feel confident in knowing that your car is being serviced by Master Certified Technicians who are geared to fix your Acura right the first time. When you join our Precision Acura family you will enjoy the benefit of having a personal Platinum Level Service Consultant who will advise you of everything your car may need. Thank you and I look forward to assisting you in all your servicing, warranty and collision needs.

Eric Sebar
General Sales Manager
609-895-0600 ext 334

After a couple of years away from my home at Precision Acura I'm excited to be back to run the Sales Department. It's great to be home again and I look forward to seeing all my old friends I have assisted through the years.

Mitchell Brenner
eCommerce Director
609-895-0600 ext 320

With over thirty five years of automotive experience, including twenty years working through the Internet, I look forward to bringing you, our great customers, the best Website and Internet experience there is. I also look forward to helping our current loyal customers get the service they deserve and, when ready, make buying their next Acura a smooth, hassle free experience.

Joe Zuccari
New Acura Sales Manager
609-895-0600 ext 303

As a salesperson at Precision Acura of Princeton I constantly worked to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible. I worked with many of you over the years I was here and look forward to reacquainting myself with everyone as the Acura New Car Sales Manager. I will use everything I learned as a salesperson to make your experience unique and satisfying.

Kishan Sitapara
Pre-Owned Manager
609-895-0600 ext 324

After two years managing a domestic Pre-Owned Department, I wanted to move to a luxury line with a great reputation! I found the perfect match at Precision Acura! I'm looking forward to assisting everyone get a quality Pre-Owned Vehicle in a quality way!

Moe Aref
Finance/Business Manager
609-895-0600 ext 308

I've been in the Auto Business since 1999. After a few years in California, I came back to New Jersey about five years ago. I'm really excited to be at Precision Acura as their reputation is impeccable and I consider myself a customer service advocate just like Precision Acura. I look forward to helping all our customers get the vehicle of their choice in a manner they're comfortable with.


Internet Sales

Carolynn Smoljan
Internet Sales Manager
609-895-0600 ext 336

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? I started in Internet Sales Seventeen years ago working for Mitchell Brenner. Out of the blue I decided to call Mitchell to see if there was a position available with him. I always wanted to help Internet Customers with their luxury car purchases and I knew Mitchell was at Precision Acura, which is a highly respected dealership within the auto dealer community. I was thrilled when he picked up the phone and said, without hesitation, "When can you start?". I've been here over Five years at Precision Acura and I couldn't be happier.

Nicole Del Vecchio
Client Retention Manager
609-895-0600 ext 311

When I left Precision Acura after two years to start my family, I always knew I'd be back. I'm thrilled to be here to assist our clients upgrade their vehicles at the right time, for the right reasons

Kevin Foreman
Internet Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 307

After 12 years selling vehicles I wanted to stay in the car business but have more time to spend with my family. Joining the Internet Sales Department at Precision Acura of Princeton gave me exactly what I needed, a more flexible schedule and the ability to still help people get the vehicle they want at a great deal!



Ahmed Heba
Three Time Platinum Award Winning Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 326

 I have been with Precision Acura for many years and have been a top salesperson here for most of my career. I just love helping our customers realize the pleasure of driving an Acura. I love my job and I believe it shows with every customer I come in contact with If you want a fun, hassle free buying experience, look no further than Ahmed Heba!


Rajiv Ramnarine
Silver Award Winning Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 321

I can't believe five years have passed since I joined the Precision Acura Team. I love the fact that so many of my customers are coming back for their second and, sometimes, third Acura. It shows me that my decision to work for such a great dealership has paid off. Thank you to all my current, and future, customers.

Rodrigo Arrieta
Silver Award Winning Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 322

As a customer service professional, I always knew the car business was for me. After a year working at Precision Acura in the Internet Department I wanted to join the Sales Floor to assist our great customers with all their purchase needs. My dream has come true and I'm thrilled to be part of the Precision Acura Sales Team.


Kevin Velasquez
Acura Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 333

I am so happy to be back where I started five years ago. I left to explore other opportunities but as they say, "the grass is not always greener"! Being away for about a year has taught me that lesson and I'm excited to be where I belong.

Gus Chalak
Acura Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 340

After working for three years on the Pre-Owned side of the business I wanted to expand my knowledge and career by joining a dealer where I could use my talent to continue to sell quality Pre-Owned vehicles and add a new vehicle brand I believe in. Acura was the perfect fit as its quality matches my enthusiasm for selling a great car at a great price. I look forward to helping many of you now, and in the future

Christopher Kozak
Acura Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 315

After working for another Acura dealership for over two years, I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to work for a dealership with a better reputation and what could be better than New Jersey's Only 20 Time Precision Team Award Winner. I'm beyond thrilled to be here!

Raphy Cruz
Acura Sales Consultant
609-895-0600 ext 327

I worked for Precision Acura for three years and I decided to try another field. Let's just say, I missed my calling and was excited when they reached out to me to bring me back. I look forward to working with all my old customers and meeting new friends as well.



Brian Giampietro
Assistant Service Manager
(609) 895-0600

I have been assisting Honda and Acura customers with their service needs for the last twenty years. As a fifteen year veteran here at Precision Acura, I have gotten to know many of you and it is my privilege to continue to assist you for many years to come!

Rodney Breustedt
Acura Certified Service Consultant
(609) 895-0600

I have been in the automobile industry for over 35 years now. I have over 26 years experience with Acura and have been here at Precision Acura serving you for over 17 years. I will keep you and your Acura up to date on all its' service needs. Contact me for your next service appointment.

Mike Mealey
Acura Service Consultant
(609) 895-0600

After working for Acura's parent company for over 5 years, I thought it was time to move up to Acura. When there was an opening at Precision Acura, I found the perfect place to continue using my knowledge and customer service skills to assist our great customers in the way they are accustomed to. I look forward to working with all of you!

Steve Matthews
Assistant To Service Director
609-895-0600 ext 330

As the assistant to the Service Manager, my goal has always been to provide the highest level of customer service achievable. In my new position,  I look forward to continuing to assist all our great customers in any way I can.

Siria Bonilla
Service Business Development Manager
609-895-0600 ext. 342

I've been with Precision Acura for over two years working my way up to my current position. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help all our customers with their Service needs.