Should You Select Summer or All-Season Tires?

You have two different types of tires to select from when you are looking for replacements for your car. These are summer tires and all-season tires. You may wonder which of these types of tires will best serve your needs.

Summer tires are ideal for dry and wet road conditions. All-season tires do not perform as well in dry and rainy conditions. All-season tires are ideally suited for snow and ice. In fact, summer tires do not perform well in snow and icy conditions. 

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Reasons Why You Should Detail Your Vehicle With a Clay Bar

Most automobile owners wash, wax, and polish their vehicles on a regular basis to keep them in good condition. However, using a clay bar a few times every year can also keep your vehicle in optimal shape. Read further to learn why you should use a clay bar when detailing your vehicle.

Washing your vehicle isn't going to remove certain contaminants and particles completely from the exterior finish, which is why you may notice a filmy grime that coats your vehicle. A clay bar binds to these particles, such as brake dust, fallout, and insect residue, and leaves the…

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Why a Car Cover is a Good Investment

Our cars are an important part of our lives. They provide independence and take us where we want to go. Since they improve our lives, a small investment to protect them seems to make sense.

Available in many different colors and types, car covers are an easy, inexpensive way to protect both the exterior and interior of your car from damage, the elements, and the external pollutants it's exposed to daily. 

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Keep Distractions Away When You are Driving

Here at Precision Acura of Princeton, we want the best for you, and that means that we want you to stay safe. We hope that you will follow the following advice to avoid distractions when you are driving.

Before you set off on a trip of any kind, make adjustments to your seat and mirrors so that you will not be distracted by those things when you are driving. Get everything set up just right before you put your vehicle in motion. 

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Importance of Functional and Reliable Brakes

Regardless of the type of car or truck you drive, you want it to be able to stop quickly and in any conditions. Brake pads slow a car down by being pushed in by the piston and applying friction to the rotor. This process causes the pad to wear down over time.

Having your brakes checked regularly can ensure that you don't use your pads too long. The pad life is dependent on the material it's made of. Ceramic pads are great for heavier vehicles, while semi-metallic pads are idea for smaller cars that are used for daily…

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What is Car Wax?

If you have never taken the time to understand the care and maintenance of cars in greater detail, then you may have taken for granted the importance of something as simple as car wax when washing your car. Part of being an informed car owner means understanding what car wax is, how it helps keep cars clean, and why it matters.

Wax, which can be made of different things, is a hydrocarbon that is hard at room temperature but when melted, can be applied to a hard, nonporous surface such as a car. When applied to your car, it protects…

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Preparing for a Road Trip: The Importance of Roadside Emergency Kits

If you are preparing for a road trip, you obviously spend time preparing your itinerary, including the route you will take on your travels. You cannot overlook the importance served by roadside emergency kits when on road trips.

Generally speaking, roadside emergency kits include items to deal with some of the most common types of vehicle breakdowns, like a flat tire or battery issue. In addition, roadside emergency kits also include items designed to protect you and the passengers in your vehicle. These include everything from a blanket to roadside flares, to water. 

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