When it comes time to buy new tires, you want to get the best for the right price. There are a variety of brands, treads, run-flat options, and seasonal needs depending on where you live. While experts recommend buying tires based on your local climate, you may decide that all-season tires are best because they should be able to handle any weather. That's actually not the case.

Summer tires have different treads and rubber components than winter tires or all-season tires. The rubber was made to withstand hot temperatures and provide the best grip for hot climates. While some rubber can break down in hotter weather, summer tires will withstand extreme temperatures. However these tires won't work well in colder temperatures. In fact, the rubber may crack if driven on icy roads.

All-season tires come with new cars, but these provide only the basic handling and temperature capacity for warm, dry climates. Want to check out the latest tire packages available? We can help you with the best tires in Lawrenceville. Check out our service department at Precision Acura Of Princeton.


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