At Precision Acura of Princeton, we want to help you keep your vehicle running as long as possible, which can be accomplished with routine maintenance, having it serviced at the first sign of problems, and understanding how to recognize when there is a problem. An alternator is an integral part of your vehicle, but what purpose does it serve? Find out below.

An alternator is part of your vehicle's starting and charging system. It charges the battery when the engine is running, and it works with the battery to keep your vehicle's electrical components working. If you're having problems starting your vehicle, you may think it's the battery, but it could be the alternator. When your vehicle dies shortly after you've jumpstarted your battery, your alternator should be inspected.

When a faulty alternator isn't inspected and serviced, it could completely drain the battery. Keeping your alternator in good condition will extend the life of your vehicle and prevent you from having to replace the battery.



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