At Precision Acura of Princeton, we want to answer all of your questions about the performance and terminology of your vehicle. Let's start by going over what the difference is between oversteer and understeer.

Oversteer is when the car steers more than the driver intended, through a malfunction of the steering system. This is a more common occurrence on vehicles that are front-wheel-drive.

Understeer is when the car steers less than what the driver wanted; picture the wheels turned one way, but the car continues to plow straight forward. Understeering most commonly happens in cars that are rear-wheel-drive.

Note: The most common reason a car oversteers or understeers is because it has a strong motor that causes it to do so. If you are looking to go for an unforgettable test drive, visit us at Precision Acura of Princeton, where we will be there for you every step of the way.



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