The ignition is one of the main components of vehicles that are responsible for getting your car to start. Over time, it can wear down or become damaged due to frequent use of the vehicle. If you want to know if your ignition requires service, there are a few important signs to identify.

A Lack of Noise

Drivers in Lawrenceville, NJ may notice that their ignition isn't making any noise. Place your key in the ignition and listen for any sounds. If there's a lack of noise, your ignition needs attention.

The Key Won't Turn

Here at Precision Acura of Princeton, we want drivers to be aware that ignition issues are often identified when drivers can't turn the key in their ignition.

The Car Won't Start

Drivers in Lawrenceville who can't get their car to start may have an issue with the ignition, especially if the car is over 100,000 miles.


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