Driving on Winter Tires in the Summer is Hazardous

Here at Precision Acura of Princeton, we make it a point to help drivers and others to maintain control as they drive. One key consideration in this regard is the proper usage and care of tires. When it comes to tire usage, it is simple to take the easy road and use a single set of tires all year round. Unfortunately, such a practice may actually be quite unsafe.

Winter tires come in two major varieties, and these in crude studded and studless. Studded winter tires often have hard metal spikes that are meant to dig into ice. Studless tires lack metal parts but do include special construction features in their designs. Both of these tire styles are not appropriate for all season use.

Studded tires are especially harmful in warm weather months. Not only do these tires tear up roadways and possibly expose drivers to legal issues, they also do little to improve control in dry conditions. Similarly, studless tires are made with special winter specific design patterns that provide little extra advantage during summer months. For this reason, it is of key importance for drivers everywhere to make sure to switch to summer tires as warm weather approaches.



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