Why You Need Winter Wiper Blades

As the snow starts to fall, you probably watch for icy streets. You also need to monitor your windshield wiper blades more carefully. Winter wiper blades can make the difference between safe visibility and struggling to see other cars or pedestrians in the winter.

Winter wiper blades available at Precision Acura of Princeton feature a sturdier frame than their summer counterparts. Such blades are designed to resist ice or snow accumulation that can limit their performance. The squeegee, or blade edge, is made from silicon or Teflon-blended rubber to maximize blade flexibility for optimal cleaning and reduce cold-related cracking.

One of the primary reasons to replace your blades is a cracked or worn squeegee. Skipping across the window, leaving streaks or making squealing noises are also important cues for a new pair. Caring for your winter wiper blades will help keep you safe this winter.



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