Durable Belts Drive Your Vehicle

A single belt connects an engine block with several mechanical and electrical systems inside a car. Car shoppers should appreciate the role of a serpentine belt, which drives multiple components in unison. For example, this auto part propels the crankshaft, which spins the wheels. An alternator is also driven by a serpentine belt for reliable generation and storage of electricity.

A belt must have optimum tension at all times in order to function at desirable intervals. If this component is too loose, it will disrupt the overall timing in the valvetrain and powertrain. Fuel economy and horsepower production will also suffer from improper tension.

Stop at Precision Acura of Princeton for comprehensive diagnostics and inspections of belts, hoses, and other critical auto parts. Our licensed mechanics replace belts in used cars or new vehicles with unexpected recalls. Heavy-duty pickup trucks and versatile SUVs may require custom-tailored belts for proper performance in extreme conditions.



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