The engine of your vehicle is often considered as the brains of the operation because it’s needed for the car to run. Allowing your engine to overheat can be extremely dangerous to your vehicle. It can not only result in your car breaking down on the road, but also end up destroying the engine. It is important to be able to identify warning signs or causes of overheated engines. Come to Precision Acura of Priceton and allow us to offer our expertise.

Several things can cause your engine to overheat, and they’re often little problems like busted or blocked hoses, insufficient coolant or faulty radiator. If the fans aren’t working correctly, the engine can overheat and cause problems. A broken water pump can also be the culprit.

If you’re having engine problems, it’s better to nip them in the bud, so stop at our shop and let us service your vehicle.



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