The Correct Way to Test Your Battery

Although you'll need only a voltmeter to correctly test a car battery, to be safe, you should have work gloves, a wire brush, and protective eye-wear. Open the car hood first, turn off the engine, and be sure to grab protective eye-wear and work gloves.

When corrosion is on your battery terminals, use the wire brush to clear contact points. The voltmeter is a simple tool to operate. It only has a red and black cable with attachments. Place the red cable on the positive, then black cable on the negative side of the car's battery terminal.

The voltmeter will give a reading of 12.4 or better if the battery is still in good shape. It is of concern when you see the reading under the 12.2 mark. If the reading of the voltmeter comes back bad, visit the Acura service team at Precision Acura of Princeton and we can inspect the car battery to confirm your suspicions.

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