How Often Should Brake Fluid Be Changed?

Brake fluid also referred to as hydraulic fluid, is the liquid in a car's brake lines. Without this fluid, a hydraulic braking system won't be able to stop the car's wheels during braking. Different manufacturers advise different schedules for brake fluid replacement, ranging from one to two years and in some cases longer.

Brake fluid checks should be part of regular car maintenance. The fluid is in a sealed system, but moisture can degrade its performance, leading to corrosion and ineffective braking. Some owners manuals may not specify when the fluid should be changed, and mechanical inspection is needed to determine safety and effectiveness.

Qualified auto and brake specialists at our Precision Acura of Princeton service department can check brake systems and fluids to determine if it's time for a change. We are located nearby at 3001 US Highway 1 and open convenient hours to check brakes and fluid quality in your car.

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