Get the Facts About Synthetic Oil

We all know about oil that is drilled out of the ground and used to keep our vehicle motors running. This is known as conventional oil, and many vehicles still count on this type of oil to keep their motors humming. But these days there is another type of motor oil available, thanks to modern scientific advances.

Synthetic oil is completely man-made. It is made up of specific chemical compounds in a laboratory to create a high-quality motor lubricant. Synthetic oil is made to be able to withstand harsher conditions and to provide the best possible fuel economy.

Some motors are now being made that actually require the use of synthetic oil only. Using conventional oil in these motors can cause damage as well as void your warranty. To make the best decision between conventional or synthetic motor oil for your specific make and model of vehicle, give our knowledgeable service department staff at Precision Acura of Princeton a call.

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