The Importance of Understanding Your Vehicle's Differential

At Precision Acura of Princeton, we try to keep our consumers informed about ways that they can keep their vehicles in optimal condition. A vehicle is equipped with a differential, but what purpose does it serve?

A differential is a gearbox that is found between the drive wheels of your car. When a car has four-wheel drive, it probably has a front and rear differential. A differential works with your vehicle's transmission system to transfer power from the engine to the axle of the wheels. It also allows your car to turn. The inside wheels must turn slower than the outside wheels for a vehicle to turn, and the differential uses gears to allow the wheels to turn at different speeds.

It is important to keep your vehicle's differential fluid changed regularly. Normal wear can cause differential fluid to break down, and if it isn't changed on a regular basis, it can cause increased friction that can lead to grinding.



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