Flat Tire Replacement Information

It's certainly a hassle to have a flat tire when you are driving in Lawrenceville. However, changing a flat tire isn't as difficult as you might think. Following a few simple steps will get you back on the road again soon.

When you have a flat, pull over to a safe place. Set the emergency brake and turn on your hazard lights. Remove the jack, tire tool and spare from your car. Before you jack up your car, loosen the lug nuts. Jack up the car and finish removing the lug nuts. Remove the tire. Put the spare on, and lightly tighten the lug nuts. Jack the car down. Fully tighten the lug nuts. Put away the old tire and the tire tools.

You should head to our Acura service center as soon as possible after a flat. The small tire is only temporary. The service department can repair your tire or install a new tire if needed.

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